Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Our extensive knowledge in estate planning allows us to give you a clear plan for the steps you need to take to ensure you are set up to alleviate any problems you may be currently facing or that you may come across in the future.

Long-Term Planning

Estate planning requires a longer-term approach, considering the needs of multiple

Would a Trust Be Useful?

Distributing income among the trust’s beneficiaries on lower marginal tax rates can reduce the effective tax rate on a trust. This reduces the tax rate compared to taxing the entire amount through an individual with the highest marginal tax rate.

How best to transfer assets between generations.

Appropriate business structures and ownership to create and preserve tax efficiencies. 

Is An Existing Trust a Liability

Existing trusts may become liabilities to an individual when the costs of maintaining it outweigh the benefits it provides or if it no longer serves its original purpose. We can help you figure this out and give you the best course of action.

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